Please Read The Following Terms Before You Decide To Purchase.

This software and Any of our affiliates will not be held responsible in any manner for damage done to another person or your own siblings by using this monitoring software. Our software is purely meant to monitor your own children’s to save them from drug abuse and wrong company, however, any other use is completely your responsibility since it is against our terms of use. Our Software was created as a solution for monitoring kids and your asset surveillance. These products were not designed to be used for malicious purposes, our products are intended for responsible adults, not anyone under the age of 18. Using this software against any of the above terms is against the law and against our the terms of use.

You also agree not to use the software for purposes prohibited by federal or state law, or for any illegal activity. This software is strictly restricted to Individual and Enterprise Authorized Clients and its partners for legitimate use and subject to audit if needed.

We also reserve the right to change or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, some or all of our software features at any time with or without notice in the event that illegal activity has been conducted by the authorized end user.

Presentation of services.

This application allows users to help them find their lost or stolen phones.The service of course involves downloading the application to their mobile phone and connecting to the publisher’s website.

The login credentials of the user are those entered during the installation of the application.By logging into the editor’s site, the user can access his user account and:
– make the mobile phone ring or vibrate,
– to take a picture,
– playing and displaying a message,
– obtain the GPS position of the mobile phone,
– block the mobile phone,
– send a text message,
– retrieve the list of contacts,
– retrieve the list of its sms / mms,
– retrieve the list of its calls,
– retrieve the list of bookmarks and history of the browser,
– retrieve the list of its Facebook messages (Phone rooted only),
– retrieve the list of its WhatsApp (Phone rooted only) messages,
– retrieve the list of its Hangouts (Phone rooted only) messages,
– retrieve the list of its Viber (Phone rooted only) messages,
– retrieve the list of Skype messages (Phone rooted only),
– retrieve the list of its LINE (Phone rooted only) messages,
– retrieve the list of its Kik (Phone rooted only) messages,
– retrieve the list of its Gmail (Phone rooted only) messages,
– delete the phone data,
– record the ambient sound of the phone,
– receive the list of sms received and sent,
– receive the list of calendar events,
– receive a list of received and transmitted calls (including recording),
– see the list of photos taken,
– control the installed applications and block them,
– receive the GPS position every x minutes.